Our Partner

Company ``Dominant``

In our time, the plots of the city are simply unimaginable, without a cozy wooden house or an Arbor. The wooden house  is a special place for long-term holidays with family or friends, away from  the noise of the city. In the childhood, we all imagined cosy wooden house on the river bank, or  on the sea shore. As we age we understand that, the wooden bathroom / sauna is a guarantee of a healthy and comfortable life. The company “Dominant” has never made your dream so readily available.

Since 2002 the company “Dominant” has been building the variety of constructions:

  • Wooden houses
  • Bathroom / Sauna
  • Cottages
  • Arbors
  • Temples and shrines
  • Other wooden structures

Why the “Dominant”?

The company offers customers innovative, ecologically clean houses of the 21st century, as well as high standards and quality cottages, pavilions and etc. And of course, all this  with an  absolute compliance with the customer’s desire. The original, comfortable and affordable one is the three things that the company offers to its customers.

They are constantly trying to improve the projects of the wooden house till they are ideal. The  timber harvesting is done with the help of modern technologies.

The company “Dominant” is the only one in Ukraine that has created a dry, high-grade wooden log. At this stage the company takes the leading position in the construction sphere and has a representation in foreign countries. This year Georgia joined the number of its partner countries. The tourist company “Grand Respect” has already become the official representative of the company “Dominant” in Georgia, which means that our company will advise you and help to cooperate with the company “Dominant” to create the buildings of desired design and purpose. For more information, please email us on official page or mail (info.grandrespect@gmail.com) or visit the “Dominant” official page: http://dominant-wood.com.ua